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Green love: being eco-conscious makes you sexier and even more dateable

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Ah, the day after Valentine’s Day. Hallmark holiday or not, depending on how things went last night can have a profound impact on today. If it was all good and full of candy, kisses and flowers, today is a rainy but romantic reminder of all things heart-shaped. But if it was a lonely, bitter slog of “woe is me,” today is just a crappy rainy day when the President is going to make traffic even worse.

Buck up, little camper. Wipe those tears and step away from the ice cream. Just the fact that you’re here reading “Pacific Swell” is already setting you up for love. Really. The Timbaland Green Dating Guide by the good people of the outdoor clothier and the relationship experts at find that 77% of the more than 1000 respondents cited eco-conscious behaviors (like turning off lights and saving water by sharing showers, wink wink) as hot and a great reason to date someone. Just like you do! See, we’re going to have you hooked up in no time.

It gets better: those weekly hikes you’ve been putting off? Put them back on. Almost 60% of those surveyed said they’d rather meet that next Mr. or Mrs. Right while doing something active outdoors. Am I saying that Runyon Canyon is a one big sweaty, yoga-pants-wearing meat market of health-conscious hotties? Maybe, but I digress. It’s not just hiking; according to the survey, outdoor spaces like local farmers’ markets and tending to a community garden are just as effective for finding that special someone.

The guys will like that the fact that these eco-positive ladies like to keep in environmental on dates, too. Instead of dropping big bucks on some fancy dinner, 54% of those surveyed report that an “outdoor adventure” would be an ideal date. Planting trees, roaming an orchard picking fresh fruit and strolling the local botanical garden all ranked high on the list of date activities.

But don’t get too far out of pockets. There are still limits, people. It’s not surprising that 45% of the men would be turned off by a date that tried to force him to eat something exceedingly healthy. But I think that 46% is a low number of women who would balk at a dude who would try to pick them up for a date on their bicycle.

In short, you’re not alone. That red-hot and environmentally aware other half you’ve been looking for is out there. You just have to go out into the big, beautiful world and find them.