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Washington State to impose $100 tax on electric car drivers

The Nissan Leaf prototype electric car.
The Nissan Leaf prototype electric car.
Bryan Mitchell, Getty Images

Electric vehicles are definitely on the rise. With the market continuing to expand from the Volkswagon Electric E-Bugster to the much discussed Neon Leaf, it could be argued that EV’s are the current belle of the auto industry ball.

With the State of California setting “clean car” rules to further reduce auto emissions, all signs are pointing to an overall healthier environment for everyone.

The state of Washington, however, seems to have missed the memo. Just last week, the Washington state senate passed a new law that charges owners of electric vehicles $100 to make up for lost gasoline tax. Senator Mary Margaret Haugen (D) sponsored the bill, and commented on its passage in a press release:

“We think the purchase of electric vehicles is great for the environment, but we also need to maintain our roads, which is why we have the gas tax,” she stated in the release. “Electric vehicles put just as much wear and tear on our roads as gas vehicles. This simply ensures that they contribute their fair share to the upkeep of our roads.”

Granted, $100 over the course of a year is much less expensive than paying the state of Washington’s 37.5 cent gasoline tax. Still, the new law is as controversial as one might expect.

How would you feel about having to pay a $100 tax on your electric vehicle? Would such a charge it be a deal-breaker, or worth the convenience? The Comments section is waiting for you.