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Celebrity moms unite in support of clean air rules

Julianne Moore, seen here as Sarah Palin in HBO's
Julianne Moore, seen here as Sarah Palin in HBO's "Game Change", is a member of Moms Clean Air Force.

Actress Jessica Capshaw (best known for her starring turn on ABC drama “Grey’s Anatomy”) is the latest celebrity parent to join Moms Clean Air Force, an organization committed to clean air initiatives. The group’s current priority: The long sought-after Mercury and Air Toxics Standards for power plants recently published in the Federal Register, which limit the amounts of mercury and other toxins the plants can release into the atmosphere. As reported by Fuel Fix, these new standards have come under attack, most notably by Republican Sen. James Inhofe. He’s filed a ruling that seeks to nullify the EPA ruling, which made the standards official last month.

“I’ve joined Moms Clean Air Force to send a powerful message to Washington that there’s only one way to keep poisons out of the air we breathe--and that’s to create strong protections,” Capshaw said in a press release. “It’s time for moms to get the attention of political representatives and remind them that they bear a moral responsibility for cleaning poisons out of our air.” 

Capshaw joins Julianne Moore, Maya Rudolph, Christina Applegate and Laila Ali as a celebrity mom who has thrown her influence behind the cause, releasing a video explaining why it’s so important to her:

“Our work now lies in the halls of Congress. With the ruling now entered into the Federal Register, Congress has sixty legislative days to review and potentially delay or overturn these new health standards,” said Dominique Browning, the co-founder of Moms Clean Air Force in the same release. “We have to make lots of noise–as much as the pro-pollution forces. We have to show our children that we love them enough to try just a little harder to make sure their air is safe and clean. After all, who are they going to learn about citizenship from, if not their parents?”