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New report on the state of California water due this week

Mark Dadswell/Getty Images

The waters of California are swirling. As we reported recently, the controversial Water Reliability Act passed the U.S. House of Representatives, but heavy-hitting senators like Dianne Fienstein and Barbara Boxer are mobilized against it going any further. We also reported on the sobering new report from UC Davis regarding water contamination in California’s farm regions.

Now there’s a new report from Environment California expected tomorrow (which, coincidentally, is World Water Day) that will detail exactly the “total amount of toxic chemicals released by industrial facilities into California’s rivers, lakes, and streams, as ranked by waterway, watershed, type of pollution, polluter, and state.”

As outlined in a press release, this new report will explain the “total figures for direct releases of chemicals that cause cancer, reproductive, and developmental harm.” In short, it’s something that most of us will be eager to see. We will be sure to bring you those figures as they arrive.

In the meantime, TreeHugger is reporting on an inventive new bottle that purifies water in just 60 seconds using UV rays. While the CamelBak All Clear water bottle retails for a cool $99, it looks to be worth the price. Utilizing a UV light in the cap powered on two rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, this bottle purifies any tap, spigot or even stream water with a good, hard shake.

Depending on what that report says tomorrow, the self-purifying water bottle market in general could be on the upswing around here.