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Season’s eatings: Find local, fresh food with new app

Abdullah Pope/AFP/Getty Images

In the produce-rich state of California, it’s easy to get spoiled by the vast variety of fresh food available at local farmers markets and grocery stores. But with food knowledge becoming more of a commodity in Los Angeles, there are still plenty of us who have no idea when tomatoes are in season or where to find the freshest kale in town. Thanks to a new iPhone app ‘Eat Local,’ finding fresh, local food near you — as well as a host of healthy eating information — is available at the touch of a screen.

As reported by Treehugger, the functional, easy to navigate app allows users to find local farmers markets, and see what exactly is in season in the chosen region at any given time. Perusing the California page, each month of the year is broken in half, detailing what exactly is in season early in the month as opposed to later in the month. There are harvest calendars for northern and southern California and over 100 healthy recipes.

Created by Wendy Gordon and Paul McRandle of the National Resource Defense Council with developer Scott Santulli, the app indexes 5200 farmers markets across the country, tracking 64 produce items. For the seriously informed foodie, there is a submission link where users can inform the developers of any locations they might have missed.