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Marina del Rey promenade to be renamed for Coastal Commissioner William Burke

Marina del Rey, California in the morning sunlight.
Marina del Rey, California in the morning sunlight.
szeke/Flickr (cc by-nc-nd)

As reported by the Marina del Rey Patch, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors has voted unanimously to rename the Marina del Rey promenade after California Coastal Commissioner Dr. William Burke.

The motion to rename the promenade for Burke (a former Marina del Rey resident, the founder and past president of the Los Angeles Marathon and once a chairman of the Southern California Air Quality Management District’s Governing Board) was made by Fourth District Supervisor Don Knabe, who praised Burke’s dedication to the environment.  

"As an avid boater and former resident of the Marina del Rey community, Dr. Burke is committed to wildlife, the environment and increased public access along the coastline,” Knabe said in a prepared statement. “In this role as Chairman of the California Fish and Game Commission, he has been an unwavering supporter for creating world-class marinas to serve the next generation of boaters, residents and visitors.”

“This is a waterfront walk looking for an identity, and giving it a new name will help in that direction,” said Carol Baker, Chief of Community and Marketing Services for L.A. County’s Department of Beaches and Harbors by phone. “That part of the walk has undergone some development, and we’re hoping the new look will continue and extend around the waterfront. The timing is perfect.”

“Dr. Burke has been a true stalwart for the marina,” Baker added. “He’s done a lot to help the community, and he is also a boater. It’s an ideal fit.”

The official dedication ceremony is yet to be scheduled, but is expected to take place in June or July.