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Ed Begley Jr. hates vampires. Vampire power, that is: watch a new energy efficiency video

All the vampire metaphors in the world aren't making vampire power consumption less of a problem.
All the vampire metaphors in the world aren't making vampire power consumption less of a problem.

A $300-million statewide project called Energy Upgrade California is rolling out a series of videos aimed specifically at Los Angeles County. 

Energy Upgrade California is a project of the state's Energy Commission that aims to teach homeowners about the need for and availability of home improvements that save energy and money.

A newly released video stars Ed Begjey, Jr., and covers "vampire power" -- energy that you don't even know you're using, usually on consumer electronics, televisions, and computers that rely on standby mode. 


The work of state energy officials to curb consumption of energy got a little more important earlier this spring, with the news our Orange County reporter Ed Joyce has been reporting, about San Onofre's troubles getting back on line. True, Huntington Beach's AES natural gas power plant is a replacement source for the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, but this is a time of year when nuclear activists, energy efficiency nerds, and public agencies find dovetailing interests in powering down: demand's high, kids are out of school, house guests are pushing up homeowners' electricity bills, and it's hot. 

Energy Upgrade California has specific information for every county, but while a calendar in Los Angeles is chock-a-block with events (perhaps because LA's got so many renters, who would benefit from the small-ticket fixes events can sell), Orange, Riverside, Ventura and San Bernardino focus more on helping homeowners find ways to get thousands in rebates for bigger efficiency upgrades.  

Among the events underway in July, the city of South Pasadena is doing free Sunday night concerts at which the energy upgrade folks will hand out literature and help people sign up fro rebates.