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Coyotes overrun Carson mobile home park


What sounds like a man versus nature horror story is a terrifying reality for a mobile home community in Carson that’s being terrorized by a growing population of wild coyotes.

According to the Daily Breeze, residents of the Carson Harbor Village mobile home park are afraid to venture outside of their homes, especially with pets, of which almost two dozen have been attacked, injured or killed in less than a year.

“We are infested. We're prisoners in our own homes,” said Carson Harbor Village resident Luris Bell to the Daily Breeze. “We are living in a living hell in the park right now. (Coyotes) have multiplied and walk our streets day and night. They jump our fences. They kill our family pets. They destroy the quality of our lives.”

The owner of the park has refused to allow the city to trap coyotes on the property due to liability issues and protests from animal activists. City Council is currently considering legal options that would force the park owner to allow such trapping.

“The attacks are increasing,” said Carson Mayor Jim Dear. “These wild animals are becoming more and more bold. The risk has risen to the level that we need to take further action immediately.”

The animals are living in nearby marsh areas, where a successful spring breeding season resulted in a coyote population explosion. Local complaints range back to this past winter, resulting in the city employing Animal Pest Management in February to help reign in the population. The increasingly brazen animals are expressing no fear of humans in their pursuit of food.

“The coyotes have gotten so aggressive, they're starving,” said resident Gabriella Holt. “We're scared to death. I have a dog, I live alone, and she is my life. When I walk her I feel like I'm going to war. I've got my Mace, my horn.”