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Song of the Week: Miley Cyrus, Wake Up America, for our (briefly) renewed national spotlight on climate change

Miley's environmental anthem is only number 6 on Rolling Stone's corniest pro-environment songs list. So that's something.
Miley's environmental anthem is only number 6 on Rolling Stone's corniest pro-environment songs list. So that's something.
Michael Buckner/Getty Images for CFN

My interest was piqued when I listened to Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama deliver their speeches to their respective political conventions over the last couple of weeks.

Sure, we know that everyone’s saying they want an "all of the above" approach on energy policy, including renewables and fossil fuels. How would the two major parties address climate change?

One addressed it with sarcasm:

"President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. MY to help you and your family." - Mitt Romney

The other addressed it with a negative definition:

"Climate change is not a hoax." - Barack Obama

Certainly, each of those men has more to say on the subject. But it’s clear that in no way will climate change emerge as a serious part of our national political discourse over the next couple of months.

California, as usual, diverges from the rest of the country on this subject.

A week or so after the election, California’s planning its first auction of carbon allowances, a major and concrete step toward achieving the mandate set in the state’s landmark greenhouse gas reduction law, AB 32. A new proposition on the ballot this time around aims to increase clean energy jobs. Hardcore opponents to climate policy remain, but the widest swath of the state is concerned with the mechanics of climate policy, not whether or not California should have one in the first place.

Perhaps that’s why I’m disappointed with our national discussion. You know who else is? Miley Cyrus. Here’s her song, “Wake Up America.” In no way is it sophisticated; it IS highly compressed, overproduced, with more than a dollop of Auto-Tune. But does it lag behind what we heard from the Presidential candidates?

Tell me what you‘d like to hear on climate change nationally in the comments.

Oh, can you take care of her?
Oh, maybe you can spare her
Several moments of your consideration
Leading up to the final destination
Oh, the earth is callin' out
I wanna learn what it's all about but
Everything I read is global warming,
going green I don't know what all this means but
It seems to be saying

Wake up America
We're all in this together

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