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EPA fines metal plating companies for wastewater, toxic pollution problems

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A federal agency has fined three metal finishing companies along the 710 freeway corridor for violating environmental laws regarding the handling of toxic pollution. 

Compton’s Triple-A Plating and Inspection sent fouled wastewater into LA county’s sewer system. Morrell’s Electro Plating, also in Compton, mismanaged toxic waste, and left it uncovered on its site. Another company, LA-based Service Plating, didn’t properly label and handle hazardous waste.

The three firms will pay a total of more than $190,000 in fines for the violations.

EPA officials say they’re giving special attention to the area along the 710 freeway, where toxic waste can threaten more than one million people.

Toxic pollution left behind by companies like the three metal finishers has already created huge federal Superfund sites in the San Gabriel and San Fernando valleys.