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Now available on Craigslist: quiet North Pole estate...will Arctic melt make Santa move?

Santa's flooded Arctic home...elves once slept here?
Santa's flooded Arctic home...elves once slept here?
via Craigslist
Santa's flooded Arctic home...elves once slept here?
NASA Goddard Photo and Video/Flickr

As a holday-themed climate change stunt, this is pretty good. Did you hear the one about Santa relocating away from the North Pole?

An ad appeared on LA's Craigslist yesterday. $404040 / 5br - Quiet, North Pole Estate on 300 Acres:

Cozy, well-kept property for sale, situated just 20 miles from the North Pole. This 4-building compound sits on 300 pristine Arctic acres (as of last winter). Owned for generations by a family of toymakers. But due to the rising cost of flood insurance, we can no longer afford to maintain the property. Our loss is your gain! 

The ad is a smooth delivery mechanism for a link to Greenpeace's Arctic campaign

And it's pretty good timing: about to get lost in the Christmas and holiday season shuffle is the news that the extent of Arctic melting is worrying scientists. At the beginning of the month, NOAA issued its annual "State of the Arctic" report. 

Spoiler alert! NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory says that changes in the Arctic are entering a new state... "widespread, sustained and occurring faster than anticipated." 

Scientists released findings about Arctic melt at the American Geophysical Union's annual meeting in San Francisco. One of them, a set of field studies, suggests that Arctic melt could uncover much more soil carbon than earlier predicted, meaning carbon emissions could lead to other carbon emissions, and rapidly. 

If I were Santa, I might move, too. At least New Orleans has some levees.