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California Drought News: You show me yours, and this guy will shame a water waster


Friday’s drought news leads by example.

Your daily must-listen comes to you via KPCC’s own Take Two, where Gov. Jerry Brown tells Alex Cohen he and his wife use around 35 gallons a day (“That’s low by California standards.”) but he admits to flushing his toilet sometimes. (“I'd say that's a personal question and it's challenging.”) More about groundwater regulation and water storage in the wide-ranging interview which led the show. (KPCC

The governor's comments came on the same day officials announced the amount of water farmers will likely receive this year from the federal Central Valley Project: zero. (KPCC)

Once a Californian, always a Californian. All the way from Boston, Alex Beam educates the rest of the country about the free flowing water in Los Angeles fountains (it’s recycled!), and why the crisis doesn’t feel like a crisis everywhere in the Golden State:

So why am I ultra-hydrating here in Los Angeles to avoid kidney stones, while farmers just a few hundred miles away have parched fields? Because, counter-intuitively, California’s cities spent the past several decades planning for droughts and severe water shortages, and the farmers did not. (Boston Globe

Earthjustice Legal Defense fund’s California Drought slideshow shows the advocacy group’s view of “who really gets hung out to dry” if the water’s gone.  (Earthjustice)

On both sides of the aisle, California lawmakers pushed legislation this week. Governor Brown, Senate leader Darrell Steinberg, and Assembly speaker John Perez appeared together to roll out a $687 million emergency proposal that would pay for shovel-ready water recycling and stormwater capture. (SCPR

The Republican lawmakers who called that plan “a drop in the bucket” proposed their own legislation the next day. Their Safe, Clean, Reliable, Drinking Water Supply Act of 2014 would sell more than $7 billion in bonds, the largest chunk of it to pay for water storage in the central valley. (Temperance Flat, anyone?) (Valley Public News/Read the bill

The interim Vice Chancellor of the Cal State University System is asking all campuses to cut water usage. (Twitter)

Can California farmers save water and the dying Salton Sea? (National Geographic)

Lagunitas Brewing Company worries what drought will do to its operations…and the taste of its beer. (NPR/The Salt)

And, finally, heading into the weekend, let’s hear it for my #FollowFriday choice, Orange County native Kevin Herrera, who’s doing his part to save water...through shame.