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California Drought News: Clinton comes to town, but drought moves around

Mono Lake, from the sky.
Mono Lake, from the sky.
Stuart Rankin/via Flickr

Friday's drought news reminds us that we're all in this together.

According to WRI’s research, 66 percent of the state’s irrigated agriculture is facing “extremely high levels of baseline water stress,” meaning that 80 percent of the available water supply is already being tapped by users — including farms, homes, businesses, and energy producers. With usage like that, there’s no margin for dry spells.
About 12 percent of the planet will be susceptible to drought by 2100 through changes in precipitation patterns alone, the study found. That number rises to about 30 percent – an area that spans large parts of the western U.S., Europe and China – when evaporation rates are factored in. (Weather Channel)

And this week I'd like to thank two Californians for their unusual solutions to dry times - twitter users @SarahTilley21 and @RichardDJordan.

Guess which one of the Tweets o' the week I think is a great way to end drought in the comments below - and enjoy your weekend.