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California Drought News: North vs. South

What a swale looks like — on Mars.
What a swale looks like — on Mars.

In celebration of Thursday, I've penned a drought haiku — a "dryku" — for y'all:

Sliced a lime today
No juice inside, only dust
Thanks, Wizentimer

Today's drought news runs from north to south — except in one case, in which some want water to do the opposite.


Normally, the district is forced to stop diverting water when the lake reaches a level of 115,000 acre-feet, commonly referred to as the “minimum pool.” The new deal allows the district to reduce the lake level down to 85,000 acre-feet this year, MID officials said in a news release. (Modesto Bee)

Feinstein fight:

Until you see the effects of this drought, it is difficult to grasp just how dire this emergency truly is. If we do nothing, I have little doubt that California is on its way to becoming a desert state. (San Jose Mercury News)


Got a dryku of your own? Write it in the comments. You could be the next poet laureate.

No, you can't.