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California Drought News: Brown lawns, the bane of home sellers; bees, the bane of bathers

Kids love water parks. This summer, so do bees.
Kids love water parks. This summer, so do bees.
Jed Kim

Today's #dryku comes courtesy of those geniuses at Stanford (@WaterintheWest):
So why should we care
About groundwater at all
Water flows from tap

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On the news front, we look at drought costs, both expected and unexpected. First, the expected:


“When we got in disclosures, the cost of what they were paying to irrigate, it became an issue for the buyer who actually cancelled the property and ended up buying a property with a drought-tolerant landscape,” [Eagle Realty's Shaun Alston] said. (CBS Sacramento)


Beer cutbacks:

Some craft beer-makers are also working to cut down on water usage while increasing market share. The number of brewers in the U.S. has expanded to its highest level since the 1870s, mostly because of an explosion of craft breweries. Without the technology or scale of big brewers, craft brewers use on average as much as twice the amount of water for every barrel of beer. (AP via Contra Costa Times)

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