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California Drought News: The Red Badge of Extinction


Our first celebrity dryku was written by an actual poet! Lewis MacAdams also happens to be the president and founder of Friends of the Los Angeles River.

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Scrolling Intermission:

Red-streaked animals in the red:

At 801 sites surveyed in 41 counties, only a few sites in Sacramento, Amador, and El Dorado counties didn't show a decline in blackbird numbers. There were no blackbirds at all found in Kings, Santa Clara, or Sonoma counties, and Fresno County sites had a total of six birds. (KCET)

No fun in the sun:

The drought is disrupting a variety of summer activities that help make up the state's $85-billion outdoor recreation industry, the nation's largest. Experts say it will deal a severe blow to rural communities that rely heavily on skiing, fishing and camping. (LA Times)
There are now two Californias, one called NorCal and the other SoCal. Secessionist movements, long a fixture of the Golden State, have succeeded at last. With political support from Washington state and Oregon, NorCal broke away from the south in 2060. Despite periodic border skirmishes between militias and vociferous opposition to the split from Washington, D.C., the 51st state has survived. Meanwhile, SoCal has seen a veritable exodus, with only true loyalists staying behind. The NorCal flag features a lush river flowing into the Pacific. The SoCal flag bears palm trees and a raised fist. (California Magazine)

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