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State Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner speaks with Patt Morrison

State insurance commissioner Steve Poizner spoke with KPCC's Patt Morrison to warn of insurance scams in the wake of the recent wildfires. He explained that insurance scam artists wait for situations that put people in distress and prey on these people in the aftermath of disaster.

Poizner recommended that, if someone comes to your door, you should ask to see their license. If you write down the license number and address, you can call the state insurance department and find out if they really are licensed. Poizner also recommended that you should ask for references, as well as getting at least three quotes for their services.

He also explained steps that can be taken to prepare. He said everyone should call their insurance company to update their insurance, and that everyone should update their insurance at least once a year. Poizner also encouraged everyone to keep an inventory of all of your assets with a digital camera or video camera, and keep a copy off the site of your property.

You can call 1-800-927-HELP or visit the State Insurance Department online at