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It's open enrollment season! Are we freaking out yet?

greg westfall via Flickr Creative Commons

It's open enrollment season!

For folks who buy private health insurance or have employer-sponsored coverage, this is the time of year that they decide whether to stick with their current health plan or select a new one.

As KPCC Health Correspondent Stephanie O'Neill reported last year, there’s a lot to consider during this period, like:

If your blood pressure rises just thinking about all of these options and wonky terms, then take a deep breath and read on: O'Neill has written this updated guide to surviving open enrollment. And I'm here to help answer your personal questions about choosing a health insurance plan.

Are you planning on becoming pregnant next year and trying to pick a plan that will accommodate your desire to have your baby at a birthing center? Are you confused why the premium on your company-sponsored plan appears to be skyrocketing?

Send your questions to I'll confer with the experts and offer some advice during my weekly Impatient segment on Take Two next Wednesday.