Hettie Lynne Hurtes |

KFWB Up For Sale

It used to be my home away from home for many years. It's gone through many transformations...from music to news to talk, and now? Who knows.

The LA Business Journal is reporting that CBS Radio is preparing to put AM 980 on the sales block under orders by the FCC.

"The move comes eight years after the commission told the network to get rid of one of its L.A. properties to comply with limits on the number of stations one owner can hold in each market," according to the article.

Some speculate likely buyers are foreign-language broadcasters – such as Spanish, Korean or Persian – who might convert the station to music or foreign language talk, according to the article.

If you're wondering about the staff, the Journal report says the 15 to 20 CBS Radio people who currently work at the station will likely stay aboard at least until a buyer is found. You can read the story at KFWB.