Hettie Lynne Hurtes |

Three Mile Island 30 Years Later

State wildlife officials say Three Mile Island, known for a 1979 nuclear accident, is now the only known
site in Pennsylvania where bald eagles, peregrine falcons and osprey are nesting near each other.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission said Friday that a pair of bald eagles joined the others on the Susquehanna River island when they built a nest in the spring. Peregrine falcons are considered endangered in Pennsylvania, while bald eagles and the osprey are considered threatened.

Exelon, the owner of the island's nuclear power plant, says the falcons are nesting on the reactor building, the ospreys are atop a meteorological tower and the eagles are in a tree.

The 1979 partial meltdown of a Three Mile Island reactor released a small amount of radiation but caused no serious injuries.