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Coachella Festival super fans chime in on this year’s must see acts

One of the most appealing aspects of the Coachella Music Festival is to geek out over who’s playing and who’s not playing while trying to convince other people why they should go see, say, Yann Tierson instead of Gorillaz.

So, rather than pontificating on the merits of Fever Ray, King Khan or Baroness, I’ll turn the blog over to some other tastemakers who’ll tell us what performers you should check out – even if you don’t go to Indio this weekend. Thank you, Mark “Dr. Rock” Harris, KPCC AirTalk intern Gina Delvac, freelance journalist Dan Ucko and San Francisco Bay Area high school senior Julia Paleski.

Muse: “Eh, Muse is good in their own way, though not impressive live since there's only 3 of ‘em and they use prerecorded sounds.”

“Feel “meh” about Muse.”

Thom Yorke: “Flea (who is playing bass with Yorke) on stage is always a good thing.”

“Thom Yorke still rocks and would be sweet to see...his solo stuff is just more bleepy-bloopy Radiohead anyway.”

Jay Z: “Rap impresario with golden tongue and ear. Any chance of a Beyonce sighting??”

The Cribs: “Johnny Marr (Former Smiths guitarist); modern version of The Jam.”

The Cribs “Hey Scenesters”

Deer Tick: “Raw/lo-fi; S/S; very eclectic pedigree; Neil Young and Townes van Zandt influence.”

Yeasayer: “Radiohead/Talking Heads/Byrds/Animal Collective / Leonard Cohen /CSNY/Dead Kennedys are influences? Have to see!”

“An electro-indie dancetrack to new love, longing & heartbreak.”

Local Natives: “Gotta see these Silver Lake homeboys before Brooklyn swallows them up.”

Gossip: “Guitar lines that induce instant pop pleasure. A dancefest!”

Gossip “Standing in the Way of Control”

Calle 13: “Clever rhymes in Spanglish and loads of stage presence. Sacúdete el sudor como si fueras un wiper. Que tu eres callejera, eh-'Street Fighter.'"

Dirty Projectors: “Sharp female vocals and complex melodies. Bring it on.”

Hockey: “new wave post-punk; formed in Redlands.”
Grizzly Bear: “Post-rock atmospheric beats with rock edge.”

For their efforts, our contributors may be eligible to win a free snow cone at the festival venue. “Snow cone!!” says an excited Gina Delvac. This will be Gina’s first Coachella experience. “It’s my first Coachella, so I have no idea how the different genres on different stages will play out.”

“The Sahara tent is great because it keeps some of the ravers away from the rock acts,” says Dr. Mark Harris, a Coachella veteran. “I love everything about Coachella.” But being a dentist Harris is understandably leery of snow cones. “Instead of a snow cone can I get a Fresher? See you this weekend!”