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How you can shape KPCC reporting

A look inside the KPCC newsroom.
A look inside the KPCC newsroom.
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If you were in charge of the news, what are the stories you’d assign to reporters? What are the questions you would ask?

Every morning, KPCC editors gather in our Pasadena broadcast center to discuss stories that affect Southern California’s economy, environment, educational systems, etc. Throughout the day, you hear this news on our air and read it on our website.  

But are we covering what matters most to you? 

This week, KPCC launches a brand-new effort to get you more involved in the process of generating story ideas. We want you to help shape KPCC stories – even before they’re assigned. 

Tell us: What do you want to know? What have you always wondered about Southern California and the people who call it home? What’s the issue you want investigated? 

Here’s how the new process works:

Ask a question and click submit. Questions will be voted on by fellow community members (make sure to tell friends and family to vote for yours!). If your question wins the voting round – or an editor or producer finds it especially interesting – we'll work with you to find the answers together.

We’ll also continue to ask you questions via our Public Insight Network and our text-messaging platform (text KPCC to 63735 to learn more).

So if there’s ever anything you have wondered about or found curious, please feel free to ask away. No question is too big, too small, too weird or too in the weeds. 

Let’s get started!