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Curious about life in SoCal? We've got answers!

Alex Cohen interviews Ron Finley right next to his sidewalk garden.
Alex Cohen interviews Ron Finley right next to his sidewalk garden.
Leo Duran/KPCC

Earlier this year, KPCC introduced a new effort to get you more involved in the process of generating story ideas. 

At the time, we didn’t have a name for it. Now we do, and we’re excited to introduce you to "SoCal. So Curious," an initiative that will inform KPCC's programming online, on-air and in person. 

In the coming weeks, you’ll hear stories branded with "SoCal. So Curious." and inspired by you. 

This is a model that has been employed to great success at news organizations across the country as they have set out to answer questions like "Why can’t Washingtonians resist asking each other what they do for a living?" or "What is the status of the Abenaki Native Americans in Vermont today?"

Some stations have launched podcasts (Bay Curious and Brave Little State are two favorites), and the stories that have come out of this approach have been funny, unexpected and encouraging

Want a refresher on how it works? Here you go: 

Ask a question and click submit. Questions are selected for a voting round then voted on by fellow community members. You can share the link ( to let friends, family and similarly minded folks know to vote. If your question wins the voting round – or an editor or producer finds it especially interesting – we'll work with you to find the answers together.

We’ll also continue to ask you questions via our Public Insight Network and our text-messaging platform (text KPCC to 63735 to learn more).

So if there’s ever anything you have wondered about or found curious about life in Southern California, please feel free to ask away.