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#SoCalSoCurious: How can I become a KPCC reporter?

KPCC is hiring a new senior producer for AirTalk with Larry Mantle.
KPCC is hiring a new senior producer for AirTalk with Larry Mantle.
Bill Youngblood/SCPR

KPCC’s new "SoCal. So Curious." initiative invites KPCC listeners to ask journalists about anything that makes them curious — from the Southern California accent to truck driving etiquette, the L.A. Riots and more. As questions come in, they are shepherded to reporters and producers and/or added to a voting round so that visitors to can vote up the questions they most want answered. 

Recently, one question in particular caught my eye. It came from Kim Shepherd of Los Feliz. She asked: “How can I become a KPCC reporter to help research and write stories of all these great questions?”

Well, Kim, it just so happens we have several exciting job openings at KPCC right now. Engagement and efforts like "SoCal. So Curious." are built into everything the KPCC newsroom does, and it’s likely the folks eventually filling these spots will have an opportunity to help address audience questions. 

Here’s what’s currently open: veterans and military issues reporter, business and economy reporter, data news editor and senior producer of AirTalk. I encourage you to check out the individual job listings and to ping me with any questions you may have (I’m @ashleyalvarado on Twitter). 

Of course, you don’t have to be a KPCC reporter to help tackle these questions. Every day, we invite Southern Californians to help shape our coverage via our network of news sources. You can tell us what you know better than the next person by going here:

You can also get involved by asking a question. For every question that is selected, we’ll reach out to the question asker to have him or her help report out the piece.