Kitty Felde |

Bad Baseball

Judge Sotomayor made no friends in Washington. Not only is she a Yankee fan, she couldn't even get the hometown baseball team's name right.

Sotomayor is famous for ending the 1995 baseball strike. Before discussing that case, New YOrk Senator Charles Schumer tried to discern whether Sotomayor was a Mets or Yankee fan. The latter. "Though," she said, "many residents thought I should look at the Senators..."

Unfortunately for the Judge, she'll make no friends here in Washington. At least no baseball fans. The Senators left town in 1971. The team who currently play down the street from the US Supreme Court are known as the Washington Nationals. The Nats.

The team gets no respect. Not only are they the worst team in professional baseball and on track to break the Mets' record for most losses in a season, the hot new prospect for the Supreme Court can't even get their name right.