Kitty Felde |


After living in a city that hasn't had an NFL team in almost a generation, it's very odd to end up in a town that's football mad. And mad at its football team.

The Redskins are awful. You'd think you were living with Cubs fans the way Washingtonians tear their hair out and publicly lament about the state of their 'Skins. On this first day of the World Series, the sports pages are covered with nothing but football news.

Even Capitol Hill got into the act.

Last night was the annual flag football matchup between the Capitol Police and Congress. Unlike the annual baseball game where California Congresswoman Linda Sanchez usually plays, this is a boys' game. (House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was allowed to preside over the coin toss.) A bipartisan squad of more than a dozen Congressmen - including Republican Duncan Hunter of San Diego - took the game into overtime. And won for the first time. Final score: 32-26.

It wasn't really fair. The Congressional team was full of ringers: former NFL players were allowed to join the squad. But nobody complained. It was all for charity.

And both the Capitol Police and the Congressional members played better than the Redskins this week.