Kitty Felde |

A Golden Mike; new tool for the terrorist?

Flying back to Washington with my Golden Mike* in hand...actually in my purse, since I didn't want it to push my suitcase over the weight limit.

Going through the security line, the TSA agent didn't blink an eye when the microphone went through the Xray machine. Or when the techy looking video card for the broken computer went thru the scanner. But boy howdy did they sit up and pay attention when this phallic looking statuette came up on the video screen. They took it out of the purse and ran it through the machine. Twice. Finally satisfied that it wasn't the next weapon of mass destruction, they let me and my Mike go through.

One young TSA agent wanted a closer look. His comment: "It looks cooler on TV."

* KPCC cleaned up at the Golden Mikes Saturday night...I took one home for Best Radio Documentary for my one hour special on how the Dodgers moved west. If you want to hear it in chapter form, here's the link (in 10 parts):