Kitty Felde |

Hot, hot, hot

It's miserable. Almost 90 degrees by 9 AM and tons of humidity. Last night, a monsoon blew in around 8 o'clock. It was still in the upper 80's at that point and you'd think the rain would cool things off. Hah!

It was a ferocious storm, rain pouring in sideways. At the ballpark down the street, the broadcasters described the downpour - or sidepour - as if you were in a carwash.

And it's only June. Two more months of this!

It's impossible to figure out how to dress appropriately for work. Sleeveless shifts and bare legs, but bring a jacket in case the air conditioning is working overtime. Of course, here in this Senate hearing room this morning, the A/C is barely chugging along.

How do these guys in wool suits do it?