Kitty Felde |

Intern James Kuo's take on Kagan hearing

Thought it might be nice to look back at this week of the confirmation hearing of Solicitor General Elena Kagan through the eyes of summer intern Jimmy Kuo - a fellow UCI anteater. Here's his comments:

"Perhaps the only thing colder than the room was Kagan’s cool demeanor. As she listened for hour after hour to the senators’ opening statements, she hardly moved or changed her expression. Even during the comparatively faster three-day “lightning round” of questioning, she never broke her cool. In fact, her humorous personality came out as she quipped back and forth with senators – which only added to her cool points.
After adjusting to the cold, I realized that the time-honored process of confirmation is as exciting in person as it is on C-SPAN. Over the course of the day, my concentration lapsed a couple of times but I was quickly reminded that I was at a confirmation hearing every time I heard the machine-gun like clicks from the camera’s of the army of photographers gathered in front of Kagan.
While the hearings themselves weren’t as glamorous as I had thought they would be, the chance to experience such an important event turned out to be pretty cool."

Here's a few of Jimmy's pictures: