Kitty Felde |

This week in Mexico

I was in San Diego a few weeks ago and spotted this column in the local paper, the "San Diego Union Tribune." It's called The Week in Mexico. It mentioned that the peso had fallen six straight days, the location of the Tijuana Book Fair, and archaeological discoveries in southern Chiapas.

But the rest of the column was a gruesome accounting of the week's drug violence in Mexico: the son of a former presidential candidate asking authorities to stay out of the "negotiation" for his father; a retired general formerly tied to a drug cartel shot in Mexico City; nearly the entire police force in one small town quit after armed men ambushed and wounded two of their fellow officers; two police officers and seven gunmen were killed in two separate shootouts. This was just one week.

Americans have been caught in the drug wars as well. The killers of El Monte School Board member Bobby Salcedo still have not been caught.

All the news this week has been of the Department of Justice challenging Arizona's immigration law. There has been very little talk about the factors driving people to cross the border.