Kitty Felde |

Breaking news: it's over 90 ... again

This is getting absurd. Today will mark the 39th day this year that we break the 90 degree mark. To put this in some sort of context, usually hot and steamy Washington, DC, can expect 37 days over 90 in an entire summer!

And it's only July.

Californians shrug when folks back east say 'but it's the humidity!' Though, I suppose after the recent humid/heat wave in the Southland, there might be more firsthand understanding of the phrase. Here's what it really means: your shoes don't fit because your feet swell. Which means you get blisters. I've heard from several people that there isn't a package of moleskin to be had in the entire District of Columbia.

Perhaps that's why the locals have adopted a trend even Californians might find a bit too casual. The young ladies on the Hill wear flip flops with their black business suits. Not in the office, of course, but out on the street. It's not a pretty sight.