Kitty Felde |

The best guacamole on Capitol Hill

Okay, you're right. There isn't a lot of competition. Oh, sure there's a Mexican restaurant down the street, but it's better known for its margaritas than its guacamole.

I got an invitation to sample the real homemade variety today, courtesy of the one woman catering to the tastebuds of homesick Californians. Democratic Congresswoman Grace Napolitano of Montebello whipped up a batch and a bowl was set aside for me.

As you can see, there are tomatoes and bits of green onion nestled among the avocado. There must be some bit of chili in there, because there's a slight bite.

Of course, there are other samples of California treasures on the Hill. In the lobby of Republican Congressman George Radanovich of Fresno, there are small bags of "California plums" - otherwise known as prunes.