Kitty Felde |

Lefty TV?

I was in the new Department of Transportation headquarters this morning.  Their security is tighter than what you'll find at the Capitol.  But while you wait to sign in, get your badge, walk through the metal detector, swipe your badge, take out your laptop, and fill out paperwork with the serial number of said laptop which you will surrender before leaving the building (the paperwork, hopefully not the laptop), they have flat screen TV's to watch that list the events and seminars of the day. 

Those television sets also broadcast MSNBC.  Which is perceived by many on the right as leaning decidedly to the left. 

Now on Capitol Hill, it's not unusual to find the sets in the offices of Republican Congressman tuned to Fox news, perceived by many on the left as leaning decidedly to the right.

The Secretary of Transportation reports to the President.  And this is a Democratic administration.  But in the interest of bipartisanship, perhaps the station should be turned to something more neutral.  Of course in the days of waning news coverage this may be more difficult. 

Any suggestions?