Kitty Felde |

His honor the almost mayor

Spotted the new Mayor elect this afternoon.  DC's current mayor Adrian Fenty was thrown out by the voters on Tuesday.  Many residents thought he was more concerned about bike lanes than unemployment.  And there was the issue of him bogarting all the tickets to the Nationals games instead of sharing them with fellow city council members.  At any rate, the Democratic nominee (and in a Democratic majority city, the mayor-elect) is Vincent Gray. 

During the campaign, Gray always looked a bit disheveled.  He needed a haircut.  He looked like your uncle Al.  Nice, but decidedly unpolished.  Not so the mayor-elect. 

Today was the annual "Opera in the Outfield" event - a live opera broadcast from the Kennedy Center broadcast to Nationals Stadium.  It's great fun - frisbees and cartwheels by kids in the outfield, the grownups eating gelato in the loge seats. 

As we were entering the stadium, we spotted a group of men in very nice suits.  One of them was Vincent Gray.  He looked different - great haircut, terrific suit, very polished.  I almost didn't recognize him. 

Which makes you wonder whether candidate Gray's appearance was calculated.  Or perhaps he was just busy.