Kitty Felde |

Who's the best dressed on the Hill?

So who's the Sultan of Sartorial Style in Washington?  No, it's not Nancy Pelosi.

While perusing "Washingtonian" magazine at the grocery store checkout line, I discovered that San Dimas Republican David Dreier was named the best dressed politico on Capitol Hill.  Speaker Pelosi was only number two.  The California Congressman knows how to pull together a snappy look in a town where boring is the name of the game.  (He was also named second best orator, after Steny Hoyer and third brainiest member of Congress.)

Here's the complete list:

But what about the rest of the town?  Is it doomed to being a permanent hot mess?  Not so.  "What Not To Wear" is coming to DC and is looking for nominees.  Here's your chance to really clean up Washington: