Kitty Felde |

I'm sorry about your heat wave

Or as a former assistant White House press secretary would put it, "41 above.". Folks out here imagine it's always 72 degrees and sunny in California. But hot as you are, don't expect much sympathy our here. DC had the hottest summer of any city in America - 67 days of above 90 degree heat. And that's not LA's famous 'dry heat.'. We're talking humidity here, the kind that makes your mascara melt even before you've walked two blocks to the subway. Even the week we had over 100 degree temps, you could count on rain in the afternoon. A cool thought in theory. The reality is a lesson in hell. So I'm very sorry you're hot. I hope you weren't one of the unlucky ones who lost power in the midst of it all. Just drink lots of water and keep reminding yourself it could be worse.