Kitty Felde |

Join me to discuss redistricting tonight in Westwood

Ever since 1950, Democrats and Republicans in California have used the power of a line to literally redraw the political map of California. Next year, the process of redistricting begins anew.

Two years ago, voters took the job away from state lawmakers to redraw their own districts and gave it to an independent commission. One measures on next month's ballot would reverse that; a second measure would broaden the role of the redistricting commission, adding congressional districts to the mix.

A new documentary hopes to turn the eye glazing topic of redistricting into a cause worth fighting for. You can see the film — free — and hear a discussion about it with former Governor Gray Davis and one of the masterminds behind the last redistricting map, Jim Brulte. Governor Schwarzenegger may even drop by. Oh, and I'm moderating. It's tonight in Westwood at 7 p.m. Here's some more information: