Kitty Felde |

Dan Schorr's typewriter

I was signing the paperwork, turning over my collection of ephemera from my days covering the Simpson/Goldman murder trial to the Newseum.  It was nice to have someone else store my collection of cartoons, press pass, media party passes, pictures, etc. from those nine long months covering the OJ Simpson case.  Someday, you might be able to see them behind glass in the Newseum.  Meanwhile, they're in storage.

But while I was in the back room, I spied a wonderful old IBM Selectric.  I wrote my first play on one of those.  And, as it turned out, Dan Schorr wrote a lot of his commentaries on that particular one.  It was smudged and dirty on the left side, where his wrist would have rested.  Why?  Was he flipping pages of information with his left hand as he wrote?  Did he keep his copy of "The Washington Post" close by on the left side of his typewriter so it smudged that left palm with newsprint? 

The typewriter is not yet on display, but here's a picture, along with Dan's copy of the 1976 Pike Report, which details findings of the House Intelligence Committee investigation into questionable CIA activities.  The House tried to suppress it, but Dan leaked it to The Village Voice.  He wouldn't give up his source.