Kitty Felde |

This is so LA

I'm trying to wake up after a late, late night/morning at Barbara Boxer's election night party.  As I stumble down to the lobby area, I spot the two guys who've been working at one particular table on their twin laptops every time I walk past.  Thought they might be business guys working on a deal.  Well, they are - sort of.

I forget this is a company town - in the same way DC is a company town.  The difference is that the company here is Hollywood.

In DC, you'd hear political lobbyists or consultants speaking in hushed tones at that table.  Here, you  hear bad dialogue from a cop drama. 

These guys are trying to pound out a script. 

"Instead of 'you've gotta face him,'" one fellow says as he types, "'you've gotta stay.'" 

 One advises the other, "you need an action line here..."

"Remember those football heroics?  I can't."

Don't laugh.  These guys are already talking about a sequel.