Kitty Felde |

Smoke gets in the eyes of Nancy Pelosi

Pity poor Nancy Pelosi.

Oh, sure.  The loss of leadership in the House stings.  But for a Californian, there's a much worse fate in store for the soon-to-be-former Speaker: the smell of tobacco smoke.

Pelosi loses her lovely office and has to move over to the minority office next to the Rayburn Room in the Capitol.  That office is currently occupied by John Boehner, a smoker.  Smoking is banned inside the Capitol these days, but an exception was made to allow Congressman Boehner to smoke inside his office.  Anyone who's stayed inside a hotel room previously occupied by a smoker knows the scent lingers and lingers, no matter how much cleaning is done.  So come January, Congresswoman Pelosi will occupy that minority office, with reminders of Mr. Boehner lingering in the air. 

But there is an upside as well.  President Obama is a smoker himself - outside the White House, apparently.  Perhaps he and Mr. Boehner could discuss issues over a smoke or two.