Kitty Felde |

A GOP gift for the ladies of the House

It's a complaint as old as time: why is there always a line at the ladies room?

The female members of the House of Representatives have another question: why do they have to tromp across Statuary Hall to powder their noses?  That's the closest ladies room, known as the Lindy Claiborne Boggs room.

But incoming Speaker John Boehner has a Christmas gift for the 71 women who will be House members in the 112th Congress: their own bathroom.  The Parliamentarian's office is being torn up to create a ladies room off the House floor.  A statement from the Speaker-elect's office says the remodeling is an example of the kinds of changes "that are long overdue."

Change isn't cheap, however.  The remodeling could cost more than $200,000.  As any homeowner knows, putting plumbing where there isn't any is a costly proposition.