Kitty Felde |

Jerry Lewis will not be chairing the House Appropriations Committee

Long time Congressman Jerry Lewis of Redlands failed to convince GOP House leaders to return him to the Chairmanship of powerful Appropriations Committee.  Republicans have a term limit rule and Lewis was unable to get a waiver that would allow him to return as Chair when the new Congress begins work in January with a GOP majority.  Kentucky Congressman Harold Rogers will be the new Chairman.

In campaigning for the job, Lewis promised a package of more than a hundred billion dollars in cuts to various federal programs...including food stamps, AmeriCorps, EPA dollars to fight global warming, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. 

In a statement, Lewis said he looks forward to fulfilling the GOP pledge to "cut spending, stop harmful government interference in our businesses, improve our economy and create jobs, and get our nation onto a sustainable and responsible fiscal path. We have a huge job ahead of us, and I know Chairman Rogers will work diligently to carry out the work the American people elected us to do." 

The entire House GOP conference is expected to approve Kentucky Congressman Hal Rogers on Wednesday.