Kitty Felde |

The plot thickens in Waters investigation

It appears the House ethics committee underestimated Maxine Waters.

An extensively researched piece full of "according to Congressional sources" attributions in today's "Washington Post" indicates the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct expected the LA Congresswoman to take a deal.  Waters is accused of using her position on the powerful House Financial Services Committee to help a minority owned bank in which her husband owned stock.  Waters has said all along she did nothing wrong and has long been known as an advocate for minority owned institutions and communities.

According to the "Post," when Waters declined to take a deal and admit some wrongdoing, the committee was taken by surprise and realized it needed more evidence.  Infighting and accusations ensued.  The result so far: two lawyers placed on administrative leave, their boss is quitting.  And it's looking more likely that California Democrat Zoe Lofgren, who heads the committee, will leave the ethics committee in the new year.

Stay tuned.