Kitty Felde |

It's Jeff Denham's party (for his Party) and he'll invite LeAnn Rimes if he wants to

The freshman class of Congress doesn't even get sworn in until tomorrow.  But tonight, there's a big fundraiser at the posh W Hotel near the White House.  The man throwing the party is one of California's newest members of Congress, GOP Jeff Denham of Fresno.  The purpose is to raise money for the 87 GOP members of the freshman run again. 

I'll have a story on why the need to raise money is of particular importance to California lawmakers on KPCC later today.

Meanwhile, Politico is quoting one unidentified political consultant advising clients not to take part.  "It's in direct contradiction to the image that leadership is trying to portray as a conference that wants to get down to business."

Headlining the event is country music celebrity bad girl LeAnn Rimes.

Denham isn't the only "rainmaker" with roots in the California legislature: incoming Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy rose to power quickly in Congress by raising money for fellow Republicans.  Freshman Democrat Karen Bass knows something about raising money as well: she's the only other House newbie with a political action committee.