Kitty Felde |

You forget these politicos have a life outside DC

At the end of a very busy day, it occurred to me that I met more spouses today than any other time since moving to DC.  Everyone works such long hours here, you forget that they might have a personal life.  (unless it ends up in the headlines)

The day members are sworn in is like graduation day at high school - relatives and friends all show up to have their picture taken with you and the new principal - er, Speaker.  Children are on their best behavior (except that little girl Maddy who had a meltdown all the way from the House floor to the elevator ride to the basement.) 

It was nice to see members of Congress with their significant others.  They seemed happier than usual.  And maybe that's what everyone keeps talking about - how the advent of cheap and fast air travel has made it a custom to leave the family at home and fly back to the district every weekend.  In the old days, I hear, folks would socialize across the aisle.  And spouses (in those days, wives) were often the ones to break the ice. 

But I'm afraid all those spouses and children will get back on the plane tomorrow and head home, leaving a bunch of tired and crabby members of Congress behind.