Kitty Felde |

A few thoughts about Congressional security

Living in DC, you get used to uniformed Capitol Police officers outside the Capitol US building.  And you try to remember not to wear that metal bracelet that sets off the metal detector in the Cannon House office building.  You even try not to think too hard about when the city is on high alert and there are bomb sniffing dogs in Union Station and law enforcement types start toting assault rifles. 

So I remember being struck by the lack of security out in the district.

Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer was holding a rally before the November election and because it was a big event, there were lots of security types, likely paid for by the campaign.

After the event, walking to my car, I noticed a Congresswoman walking alone down the street to her car.  And driving away - again alone.  At the time, it struck me that once out of the bubble of Washington, members are treated like "regular people" - scrounging around for a parking space two blocks from an event, driving themselves around town.  There's no driver in a black SUV waiting for them (with the engine running usually) like there is outside the Capitol.  They likely take a cab from LAX to get home.  But after Saturday's shooting, I wonder whether any member of Congress can ever be a "regular person" again.