Kitty Felde |

Jane Harman reportedly leaving Capitol Hill

POLITICO is reporting that Democratic Congresswoman Jane Harman is "likely to resign from Congress" to become head of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

Harman is currently serving her ninth term in the House.  She briefly left Congress to run for California governor in 1998.  When she lost, she ran again - and won - her House seat in 2000.

Harman is a "blue dog" Democrat - a more centrist group often frustrated by the leadership of Nancy Pelosi when she was Speaker.  Pelosi denied Harman the chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee where Harman had served as ranking member.

The Woodrow Wilson Center was created by Congress in 1968.  Lee Hamilton is the current director.  Scholars like former LA Times writer Robin Wright are working on books and research projects at the Center.

I ran into Congresswoman Harman in the Capitol a couple of weeks ago.  She was on her way to the commemoration of JFK's inaugural speech in the Rotunda.  There was no indication from the Congresswoman that any changes were imminent.  We are still awaiting direct confirmation from her office.