Kitty Felde |

Janice Hahn and Jane Harman

I remember the first time I met Janice Hahn.  It was election night 2000.  The Bush v Gore election where results stretched on and on and on.  Jane Harman's race was very late to be decided as well and I was assigned to her campaign headquarters in the South Bay.  We had already gone off the air, so there was nothing left to say until something was decided or the Congresswoman made a statement. 

It was exhausting.

But the life of the party was this perky blonde by name of Hahn.  She had all the spark and vitality of her father, the late LA County Supervisor Kenneth Hahn.  This was long before she ran for LA City Council.  I remember thinking: this gal's going somewhere.

She just announced she is running for the soon-to-be vacated seat of Congresswoman Jane Harman.