Kitty Felde |

The real reason Jane Harman is hanging around Capitol Hill

The question keeps circulating: if Democratic Congresswoman Jane Harman of El Segundo has resigned her seat to become the new boss at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, why is she still in Congress?

The answer is:

a) there's nothing more thrilling than voting on the federal budget

b) to save California some money

If you guessed "b" you are correct.

Harman, the Blue Dog (ie: fiscal conservative) agreed to a request from Sacramento.  According to Governor Brown's office, by resigning February 28th, Harman increases "the possibility that the primary election to fill her seat can be consolidated into the statewide election that Governor Brown has requested for June."

Ever wonder how much a special election costs these days?  Because of low voter turnout, the "LA Daily News" estimates Tuesday's election cost about $32 per ballot cast.