Kitty Felde |

More Californians on "super" committee?

When it's 90 degrees at 9 in the morning with thunderstorms by the end of the day, it's crazy time here in Washington.  The perfect time to start asking "what if..."  Or, in this case, "let's float some names of folks who might get named to the 'super' committee."

"The Hill" has posted its latest list of likely candidates...and several Californians are on it.  Democratic Congressman Xavier Becerra has been mentioned often.  He's mentioned again. 

So is Republican Congressman Buck McKeon of Santa Clarita.  He heads the House Armed Services Committee and has been critical of cuts to the defense budget.

But here's a couple of new names: Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, known for her success in crafting bipartisan agreements.  And Democratic Congressman George Miller of San Francisco's East Bay, a reliable liberal voice. 

No confirmations from anyone, of course.  The Committee is to be chosen by next week.  That lucky group of 12 has to come up with ways to trim the national debt by a trillion and a half dollars, and do it by Thanksgiving.